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got to get you into my life

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yan ang mantra ko ngayon

alam ko paalis ka na

pero pake ko

i want you in my life

kaya got to think of ways to get you into my life

kasi ayoko naman na palagi na lang frisbee ang sasaluhin mo

sana minsan ako naman

at ayoko din na yung alitaptap lang ang hinuhuli mo sa mga palad mo

sana minsan mga kamay ko hawakan mo

(hehe shiyet. how mushy can you get)

pero paalis ka na nga

and soon kahit yung frisbee wala ng sasalo

unless maibato ko sya as far as singapore

pero kung mag exert lang naman ako ng effort to throw something so far away

bakit frisbee pa di ba?


don’t hold your breath

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Gloria M. Arroyo Ph.D.
Republic of the Philippines
Malacañan Palace


Dear Madam,

I am Noel M. Capulong Jr, a common 20 year old constituent of yours in this Great Country and Strong Republic of the Philippine Islands. Please allow me to take a little piece of your precious time for me to plead for your help regarding a very important issue in my life and to our people. My father, Noel “Noli” Capulong, was gunned down by two unidentified men riding in a motorcycle last 27 May 2006 in our jeep on his way home. My father was a simple egg vendor who is also active in the BAYAN MUNA Environmental Action Movement, a former staff in the National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP), and also an active member of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP).

My father was an ideologist, a principled man, a layman, and a good father. He fights for what is right and always on the belief that being an activist is not a blasphemous thing but it is an honorable virtue if the struggle of what you are fighting for goes for the interest of the people. Although, he’s an activist, my father was not always critical with the government. He believes that there are still good and patriotic statesman/stateswoman who still works for the goodness of our people. They are just plainly entangled in the clouded political system of ours. In fact, he was thankful to you when you personally awarded me your Presidential Leadership Medal four years ago in UP Los Baños (High School). He was grateful in our government when it gave me a scholarship in UP College wherein it gave me way to march with my BS Biology course last 29 April 2006. It was the day my parents were very proud of me, of UP, and of the Republic. It was also the day we had our last picture together.

Madam, I do not believe that the justice system in our country is already futile. Beyond suspicions and allegations, and thorough pin pointing, I would just like to beg for your help on the investigation of my father’s death. Nagmamakaawa po ako sa inyo sampu ng aking pamilya na nawa’y matulungan nyo po kami. Hindi po kami nawawalan ng pag-asa na magkaroon ng katarungan ang kanyang pagkamatay. Napakasakit po ng nangyari sa amin kung kaya’t ako po ay naglakas ng loob na sumulat sa inyo. I know I am only an ordinary citizen of yours, almost negligible as compared to other big politicians surrounding you everyday. But I hope, a glimpse of this message by your eyes can make an impact. We are very much afraid that this case would be added to the many unresolved cases of senseless killings that are happening to our country. I know that as President of our Strong Republic, your mere words of direction would boost the speed of all the investigating bodies to resolve my father’s case.

My family’s hope is in your hands, YOUR EXCELLENCY.

Salamat po sa pagbabasa ng sulat ko. Patnubayan nawa tayo ng Panginoon.

Mabuhay po kayo at tayong mga Pilipino.

Lubos pong umaasa,

Noel M. Capulong Jr.


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now i know why breast milk is best for babies

it comes from mommies

its free, no pressure in achieving target sales

or dominating the market

it has no prebio nor ara nor dha to flaunt on TV day after day

no bonding scenes are needed

no commercial jingles

no endorsers

it does not come with a label that lists down all the nutrients it has

neither does it pressure moms to check whether their kids are showing the 10 signs of good nutrition

it does not need to produce advertisements

no need to conceptualize

no need to ideate

no desire to understand consumers’ needs and attitudes

its just milk in a breast

it does not and will not claim it would make gifted children out of simpletons

nor will it claim to provide 100 percent nutrition that your child needs

it does not need to analyze whether  the endorser looks healthy or active or smart

its just milk in a breast

no need to make tv ads

no need to know what works or  what does not work in a commercial for milk

thus no need to commission studies on communication

inviting hordes of moms to talk about milk

day after day afer day

no need to write a report that  will not help solve world hunger

no need to stay up late in the night  trying to figure out how to sell a can of milk

no need to do what one does not really want to do

breastmilk is best for babies up to 2 years old?


breastmilk is best. period.

fati part 2

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fati: hindi ako nagsasalita para ma-quote

 me: oooooohhhhhhh

 hanep sa mga linya si fateee

sunk costs

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there is an area of study in social psychology that deals with behavioral decision making and judgment

simply put, it concerns itself on how people make decisions, from the simple choosing of which shirt to wear to the more complex decision of whether to withdraw US troops from Iraq

a perusal of the studies done in this area would cast doubt on Economic’s assumption on the rationality of man

man (you and I) seems not to be rational after all, well at least not all the time

one proof of this is the phenomena of attending to sunk costs

sunk cost is defined as a permanent loss, something that cannot anymore be recovered whatever one does

for example: you reserved a room in a resort months in advance. paid the non-refundable fee. but a day before your reservation, the weather is bad, you feel terrible, and you dont really feel like going on a vacation

would you still go to the resort or just stay at home?

most people would tend to still continue with their vacation reasoning that they have already paid for the room and it would be a waste of money if they dont push through with it

but the money paid is already a sunk cost. it is gone. you do not have control over the money anymore. what you will do tomorrow is in the future which you can still control

people tend to honor sunk cost with the rationale that they do no want to be wasteful. but then it is not possible to change the past. allowing a wrong decision (ill spent money) to affect future behavior, creating unhappiness rather than happiness is not rational.

there is an attempt to avoid a sure loss. but the thing is, the decision to go through with the vacation is made with the previous status quo (the financial standing prior to the payment) in mind instead of the current situation. (gets? im sure wala ng nagbabasa at this point. hmpft)

if one evaluated the situation with the present financial condition in mind, one will not anymore push through with the vacation since this will not cause financial loss but instead result to a psychological gain (being peaceful and resting at home)

having this in mind i decided for a change to act rationally and inhibit myself from attending to sunk costs

one of which is you

the time we have shared together is gone, it could never be returned

the laughter has been spent, we would never recover it

and the hopes? lets not talk about non-existent things anymore

im not feeling that good

i know i made a reservation

but the road is too hard to navigate

the weather is not cooperating

and i cannot for the life of me obtain any assurance from you that the reservation i made would be honored if i do show up.

so between being rational and being stupid

i choose what i know you will choose

i choose to be rational

i choose to stay home

i choose to be alone.

fati and the point

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fati: how are you?

me: im ok (gloomy face)

fati: yan ang problema syo, yung mga things na dapat malungkot ka, ok ka lang

hhmmmmm may point sya ha, in fairness