fight or flight?

they (the experts) said that we are governed by the fight or flight response

in the face of stress or a threatening situation, we tend to either fight (manifested through aggressive and combative behavior) or flight (fleeing a potentially threatening situation)

 in modern times, the fight or flight response is manifested through more complex behavior

when we fight we tend to be argumentative and stubborn, unyielding in the most trivial of issues

when we opt to take flight we sometimes withdraw socially, develop substance abuse, or spend considerable time watching TV (totoo yan, di ko imbento to)

when we fight, we tend to hold on, we tighten our grasp and we brace ourselves for the possibility of a long bumpy ride

when we take flight, we let go, we stay our ground and watch whatever we have let go diminish in the horizon;

i tend to take flight most of the time

i am not much into long bumpy rides where i have to hold on in fear of being thrown over

and i never like to grasp on tightly to anything  (i find that it deadens the hands)

i rather let go

its freeing to be untied

a dog running without a leash

a kite soaring without a string

a child laughing

a mother dreaming;

last night, i was with you

and the moment came

the threatening situation that i always experience when im with someone

fight or flight?

in the past i always take flight

i always flee

i always let go

and i was ready to. last night.

i was on the brink of another flight

seat belt on. window shades up. lights dimmed. ready to take off.

but then i looked at you and for some weird reason i decided to stay

i held on and did not let go

now i guess i will be in for a bumpy ride

for how long i do not know

but i dont care

im always leaving so i guess its about time i stay.


One Response to “fight or flight?”

  1. naligaw lang, interesting site.

    i used to always choose flight too, but recently i chose to fight. and it i think it was worth it.

    good luck, hope yours will be worth it too.

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