tired. just tired.

im tired.

physically and mentally tired.

i have been working for three straight weeks without any weekend break, and im tired.

and the worst thing is that im not happy-tired

its not the kind of tiredness that plasters a smile on your face when you sit back exhausted from your efforts

Nor is it sad-tired too

its not the tiredness that would make you wail and struggle against your present situation, motivating you to claw your way out of it

its more of a numb-tired kind of tiredness

its the tiredness that deadens

 its like having an out of body experience and you see yourself blindly going through the day doing as much as you can without making any dent in the pile of duties that you have to accomplish

its the kind of tiredness that makes you forget about time. you just work, work, work until you realize that a whole year has passed by without you noticing it

its the tiredness that lulls you to complacency inspite of your current situation

you get used to it day after day until it seems normal to you. you wake up. work. sleep. then do it all over again.

a new breed of robots.

youre tired but youre not struggling against it

there are no smiles as you put yourself to sleep at night

nor any determination to escape as you wake up every morning

there is just tiredness

and nothing else.


18 Responses to “tired. just tired.”

  1. noooooo 😦 walang ganyanan…waaaah.

  2. hi darwin, do you need any help? i can help out on fridays. you don’t have to pay me or anything. (as long as you won’t bully me hehe)

    uy ni-email kita.

  3. bawal ang ganyan. hero ka pa naman namin. mag-dance moves ka na lang dyan. c’mon, we’ll even sing “good morning baltimore” with you. smile! 🙂

  4. armedlittleboy Says:

    well well

    it seems we are overflowing with kindness these days people

    thank you for the concern

    we will all make it through

    and joy bakit parang maluwag sked mo ng friday. may work ka na di ba? dont tell me youre skipping another one again

  5. yep may work na pero wala akong pasok ng friday. unless may meeting or something. and i don’t skip work no. 🙂 wala si patty diba? next week na lang ako dadaan.

  6. armedlittleboy Says:


    so its all about patee then

    we are mere by the ways huh?

    very well then

  7. of course not. you know i miss you as much 😛

  8. armedlittleboy Says:

    really now

    well i wont be there this friday

    i would be talking to peasants in nueva ecija


    such dirty work

  9. well then i’ll drop by when you’re there.

    smile, sunshine ka diba?

  10. innocent bystander Says:

    makikita kita ulit.
    pero tulog ka muna,
    para yung happy-tired naman

  11. sometimes a little change in the routine helps…2 cents.

  12. armedlittleboy Says:


    the job that i have does not really have a daily routine

    so changing the routine is not possible, changing jobs is


    thanks for the comment

  13. If u really believe that changing jobs will help you, go for it. Doink!

  14. armedlittleboy Says:

    arf naman dyan


  15. no rash decisions ha? dapat pinag-iisipan. 🙂

  16. marwin… hmmm… phase lang yan… i’m sure you’ll pull it through! 🙂 meanwhile, on my side of the world, kakatapos lang ng hell month ko. but then, i’m moving to another position na. so crash course everything. not to mention my broken heart… 😥

  17. armedlittleboy Says:



    broken heart???

    when? who? why? how?

    we should all get together again and whine

    i miss those days hehe

  18. oo nga… let’s get together one day… how does friday sound to you, dears? nung thursday lang, yung bagong kita nyo, why and how kwento ko when we hang out again. hahaha… ako pala whining buddy nyo, ganon? 😛

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