how do i love thee?

how do i love thee?

i love thee at arms length



with reservations.

i love thee less than i love myself

i would give up my sleep for you but not my life

i would offer my time but not my dreams

i would forget my wants but not my needs.

i love thee with my feet on the ground

hopeful but realistic

enjoying our moments of togetherness

but knowing these moments may not last.

i love thee as I want to be loved



without lies and deceptions.

i would love thee as honestly as possible

though it may hurt the both of us

at least i have loved thee clearly

with pain maybe

but at least without doubt


8 Responses to “how do i love thee?”

  1. gwapong babae Says:

    lovely poem d 🙂 mukhang napupuno na si buddha notebook…pag puno na, pwedeng akin na lang? hehe. 🙂

  2. geeezzz

    does it seem like a poem?

    prose yan e

    hmmm ayusin ko kaya para maging poem na totoo

  3. 1sheep2sheep Says:

    sori, tao lang.

  4. fati

    mas bagay syo yung gwapong babae

    pang matinee idol ka e


  5. marwin!!! napapahanga mo talaga ko sa blog entries mo… 🙂 hay…

    i love thee with both feet on the ground
    hopeful but realistic

    without lies and deceptions…

    galing, galing!!! 🙂 sakto sobra!!!

  6. armedlittleboy Says:


    salamat naman misteee (si misteee ka ba? hehehe)


    si misteee may new catch from the land of pei pa kwa


  7. hahahahahaha… hanggang ngayon, favorite mo pa din ako… kaya super love kita eh 😛 and i knew you’d still recognize me even if i don’t sign my posts here… ;p

  8. armedlittleboy Says:

    uh oh

    another anonymous entity



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