Where are your dreams?

When I was in nursery I dreamed to be a doctor. I dont know why. Maybe because I felt doctors save lives.

 When I was in kindergarten I dreamed to be a teacher. I desire to mold minds and direct them to a bright future.

 When I was in elementary I dreamed to be a scientist and invent a robot that would eat garbage. I longed to help the environment.

When I was in high school I dreamed to be a psychologist. I crave to understand people and thus give them a hand in  dealing better with life.

When  I was in college I dreamed to be a full-time activist. I was determined to change the world and help in bringing forth social justice.

Now five years after obtaining my college degree and a thesis-short of my Master’s, I’m involved in research. Not the lets-discover- a – cure-for- cancer research nor a how-can-we-best-empower-people research but a how-can-we-best-sell-a-product type of research. Basically I am trying to figure out how to make consumers buy more cigarettes, gargle more mouthwash, use more detergent, and swallow more vitamins.

If dreaming is like traveling I would have accumulated enough miles to get me a free round trip ticket to Uranus. I am so far from my dreams that I dont even know how it feels to fully submit myself to something I really want and believe in.

I wonder: When does dreaming end?

When do we let go of our dreams and start settling for what we already have?

When does reality start to intrude upon our grand plans?

Its a pity that most of us get distracted, fooled even, by temporary highs and fleeting pleasures. Most of us would try to buy happiness and shop for smiles. While others would even try to convince themselves that they really like what they are doing.

But it is certain that there would be times when our dreams would peek out from some forgotten part of ourselves, reminding us that we once aspired for a life where distractions are not needed and smiles are not purchased. And during these times we would be left wondering why we gave up on our dreams so easily. Why we turned back on it without a fight.


4 Responses to “Where are your dreams?”

  1. guess who ;p Says:

    but there could be avenues to pursue your childhood dreams in your current occupation, as well… that’s why there are organizations out there that one could join to pursue their personal advocacies…

    didn’t know you dreamed of being a doctor… (eh kung Psy.D. ka na lang kaya someday — doctor pa din…) 😉

  2. Anonymous Says:

    its either you pursue a dream or you dont

    what you are suggesting is a mere distraction

    a vaccine and not a cure


  3. Just because you’re doing something that may not have been part of your original dream doesn’t mean you’re letting go of what you really really want. maybe this is just an avenue for you so you can view your dream better,so you be better equipped for it, so you can gather enough experience points to really really appreciate your dream once you get there.

    and you will get there, wherever. 🙂 just don’t lose focus.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    wake up

    most of the time people dont get what they dream of

    if youre not doing anything for your dreams right now chances are you wont be living it in the future

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