1. im single

but im not searching

im just sitting here, idly watching people pass by

some holding hands, others holding grudges

maybe someone would plop beside me and hug me

but im not holding my breath for that

i stopped looking for the hand to hold a long way back in time

and its somehow freeing not to join the fray of single people trying to find a match

im exerting zero effort to be attached and it suits me well

2. im tired of hurting people

and im tired of getting hurt too

the principle of karma works so fast for me I cannot help but learn its lessons well

every rejection slip i hand out transforms into a boomerang that hits me on the head (or the heart)

its a hopeless cycle

a lot like riding the broken hearts carousel

around and around we go hurting each other

we better get off before we get numbed

3. its so fast

i dont know why there is a need to rush

but most often do

the hellos transform to commitments in a span of a night

which easily die like embers under the morning rain

when would we realize that

glances are not declarations

smiles are not commitments

and kisses are not testaments to a lasting love


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