the visit

The day after,
The weather wears her most appropriate suit
Properly clad in a black dress and stilettos
Dark clouds on her ears
A lightning on her lapel
Roars of thunder dangling from her wrist;
She purposefully strode to my door,
Knocked once,
And entered without preamble.
I looked at her straight in the eye
Blurry but distinct.
This is it, she said
This is the worst you will be given,
Come sit and weep with me.


6 Responses to “the visit”

  1. 1sheep2sheep Says:

    at last the buddha notebook is used. 🙂 fill it up some more d! 🙂

  2. armedlittleboy Says:

    thank you fatsheep on the notebook

  3. 1sheep2sheep Says:

    ya welcome chubbyarmedlittleboy

  4. armedlittleboy Says:

    oooohhhhh you are soooo dead

  5. hey you… before you start the never-ending bickering… (never-ending nga may start pa?!) magkita tayo soon… miss ko na kayo… and i need some people with sense in my life these days… 😉

  6. armedlittleboy Says:

    people with sense


    ako yung sense, sila fatty yung people


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