the fear of being alone is more prevalent than we think

not just in the sense of being alone in life

but also in being alone in a moment

there is a tendency for people to run away from solitude

no one purchases a single movie ticket

no one eats by himself in a restaurant

no one parties alone

there is a certain trepidition in stepping out into the world without anchoring ourselves to others

its as if by venturing out alone we would realize, like a sudden gust of wind against our face, that we really are alone

that our attempts in surrounding ourselves with other people

the texting and calling to remind them that we still exists

the photos and the letters we keep as  symbols of our connection with others

are but futile attempts to distract us from the truth

that we are alone and will remain alone

and it is only by realizing this  that we will be able to fully experience others

a non-grasping, non-obsessive, non-possesive, non-claustrophobic relationship

where each one fully knowing of his/her isolation

accepting it

and living with it with them.

 people in bubbles touching each others’ hands.


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