foods and you and me and us

foods are just like people

i guess we patterned it on ourselves

ancient cooks sitting by the window looking for inspiration and latching on to the first person that comes in sight

and because of that

now we have tasteless foods just like we have boring people

delicious dishes and yummy people (hehehe)

and unhealthy meals like dsyfunctional people

and amidst the numerous food types (also people types)

we have the freedom to choose what we eat, and who we will eat it with

however, the trouble with this ability to choose is that we do not always choose what is the best but we gravitate towards what looks to be the best

you see, the unhealthy foods are designed to look and taste good but not offering anything else in terms of nutrition, only a fleeting satisfaction that would make you crave for more

and one tends to give in to it, bite after bite, day after day, and realizing one gloomy raining day that you are overweight, or have diabetes, or clogged arteries or some other condition that would justify the crying of the skies (geezzz too poetic)

the healthy ones, ironically, tend to be tasteless and lacking pomp and bravura presentation-wise and thus so prone to be passed by in a buffet line; only those on the brink of death, or desperate to hold on to the last vestiges of health get a serving of the tasteless muck

there are of course the healthy and delicious types, but they tend to be too expensive (ergo unattainable) or hard to come by (read: your late, if you have come earlier you would have been first in the line) and so they just tend to be eaten in dreams and fantasies

so i guess the trick is to have a balance of the unhealthy-yummy types and the healthy-boring ones

being on guard to keep one’s consumption of the unhealthy-yummy at a minimun lest one develops an addiction to it

and getting as much as the healthy-boring that one can force down one’s throat to ensure that one remains healthy enough to be able to continue munching on the yummies.

p.s. magulo ba? magulo? hah! yung mga naguguluhan should just read aesop’s fables. simpletons.


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