unfear of death

im not really afraid of dying

and i have realized this for quite some time now

before i am quite proud to announce out loud that death does not scare me

it makes me feel different from most people who gets jittery at the mere mention of their death

i feel im rather brave for not flinching at the possibility of my demise

i believe that there is no sense in being scared of the inevitable

dying after all is just like pooping, everyone experience it

but today i realized it might be a whole different thing

my unfear of death that is

maybe i am not afraid of dying because i do not have anything to lose

i do not have a life i would regret to trade for something unknown

i must be in the middle, in between those who commit suicide and those who cling to life at all cost

committing suicide is embracing death caused by hating life

clinging is grasping for existence due to love of life

me, im just floating

no fear

but no hugging too


p.s. tinamad na magsulat


One Response to “unfear of death”

  1. Uau!! Nice poem.
    I feel exactly the same. I don’t want to give up of living, but if the end comes, let it come I don’t care.
    “Don’t fear death, fear the unlived life.” from the movie Tuck Everlasting.

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