reviews: the blue woman


at this point in my blogging experience I would like to introduce what will be a regular part of my esteemed blog: the reviews!!!

the reviews would be about uhm reviews (dum dum)

reviews on everything i feel is worth wasting my time on

for the first edition of the reviews i would like to make a critical commentary on a woman i have twiced fallen in line with at the fx station

she is, i think, in her mid-thirties (no mam, your thick glasses and dried manang hair will not fool me in believing you are in your 50s) and is always wearing a sky blue long sleeved blouse and a dark blue skirt that ends just below her knees. when waiting in line, and even when inside the fx, she would be reading a tagalog romance novel (the one you can buy for 40pesos in national) until she reaches ortigas

now mam (in case you are reading this) firstly, that sky blue blouse and dark blue skirt just do not really do it for me, i mean if that is your office uniform i think its time to quit the job. those clothes make you look like a member of an off shoot of Ang Dating Daan. In fact when I first saw you I almost expected you to bring out a tambourine from your gigantic bag and sing Jesus is alive at the top of your voice, dead hair swinging back and forth between your shoulders, while passing a donation bag right down the end of the line.

second, those romance novels that you read, why do they look so old and torn? i mean you dont rent them from a nearby sari-sari store do you? its only 40pesos in national bookstore. and with your ericsson p990i im sure you can afford to buy dozens of tagalog romances to last you until you resign from that dreadful company with those dreadful uniforms.

which brings me to another point, the p990i phone and the tagalog romance novels just do not go well together. you should make up your mind on whether to project a manang image from a D household or a sophisticated career woman. it is quite hard for me mam so early in the morning to have cognitive dissonance just because of conflicting images that you portray. please stick to stereotypes. it will be easier for both of us.

finally, that hair. can you please tie it in a bun or something? i know there is no dandruff or lice in it since i dont think anything can survive and propagate in a dead environment but it still gives me the creeps. that hair looks just like what Madame auring would look like if she becomes a hair. please have pity.




4 Responses to “reviews: the blue woman”

  1. 1sheep2sheep Says:

    so that’s why you’re asking if you should fall in love… 😉 hehe. kidding!

  2. armedlittleboy Says:


  3. 1sheep2sheep Says:


  4. armedlittleboy Says:

    belat times two

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