fin boy

i have been into swimming lately

you see there is a newly opened ‘aqua sports’ center a few minutes away from my house so i try to go there at least twice a week to practice my strokes (naks) and improve my physique (hanep)

the center has 2 pools: a 50m and a 25m

serious swimmers, those who do laps, use the 50m pool , swimming back and forth, back and forth, over and over again pushing their swimming muscles to the limit

those who are not ‘swimmer’ enough to do laps, gasping for breath after only a couple of laps, muscles screaming for rest, heart somersaulting to exertion populate the 25m pool

i swim in the 25m pool

i mean i could of course swim in the 50m

crossing its length with my seamless free style or my graceful breast stroke

but i rather not due to those pesky kids

those pesky kids who swim too fast, showing off their ability to cross 50m of water over and over again at a speed only show-offs would do

i mean what are those kids doing anyway, swimming away their day instead of going home to do their homeworks?

i bet their parents are shoving them into the pool because they are not smart enough to excel in school and they so desperately need their kids to achieve in something, however trivial, in life. Hah! ( I, on the other hand, excelled in school)

 if you just know how fast and how long they stay in the pool you would think they are half-fish, half-man creatures (come to think of it, one of the kids looks like a hito, a sun burnt hito)

i bet these kids think they are much superior swimmers compared to me but then im sure im better in math. Hah!

and im sure in the great scheme of things, swimming would be way below mathematics in importance

after all, no swimmer has won the Nobel yet right?


Take that you swimming midgets!


7 Responses to “fin boy”

  1. marwin! this is soooooo you! ;p

  2. inggit ka lang! 😛

  3. armedlittleboy Says:




    can we please leave our insecurities by the door

  4. aha! that’s you talking to yourself! :p miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!

  5. innocent bystander Says:

    what a loser…hahahha…

    see you

  6. armedlittleboy Says:

    and who the hell is innocent bystander???

    wait till i run you over

  7. innocent bystander Says:


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