Women and the penis (women & power dpat kaya lang mas babasahin kapag penis e)

Women, at least in the Philippines (or in certain indigenous groups), are said to  hold equal status with men during the pre-colonial period.

This is based on numerous existing accounts (para lang credible) of pre-Hispanic practices and traditions.

In fact, women have  considerable sexual powers as reflected in the male’s practice of wearing penis pins or tugbuk. This requires the piercing of the urinal canal so that a pin , usually made of gold, brass, ivory, or lead could be driven through the head of the penis .  The pin would be potruding on either side of the head where additional ‘decorations’ (sakra) can be inserted.

How the hell then is sex achieved?

Well this requires the manipulation of the woman so that it can be inserted to her vagina (aha! the power of refusing entry) and could not be withdrawn until the penis is completely relaxed (satisfy the woman first dumdum before being permitted rest).

The sakra (the decorations inserted to the penis pin) varies widely in shapes and sizes depending on the choice of the women for their men.

According to Juan de Medina, a Spanish chronicler in the 1600’s, women prefer their men to have penis pins:

…. so much so that women consider it a compliment and were proud of it, and in their songs during their drunken feast were wont to a man a karakoa (warship) with those who had been their lovers, and as further evidence of this, they would not let a man approach them who did not have a sakra..

Geez, thank god women know their rightful place now



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  1. Women and the penis (women & power dpat kaya lang mas babasahin kapag penis e)

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