mountain learnings

It was exactly 5 years ago when I went down from one of the most profound (naks) experiences of my life.

After all these years I still carry with me the lessons and realizations that I am certain I would not learn from any other undertakings or experiences.

And it is with great aplomb that I list down what I have learned and realized from my sojourns in the mountains I have climbed to die:

1. I can live for three months without the TV, cell phone, or internet

2. Its easier to plant corn than rice

3. Salagubang when fried in used cooking oil would taste just like lumpiang shanghai

4. Monkeys can be very noisy at night

5. When youre deprived of the luxuries of life the first thing you are going to miss is a glass of ice cold Coke

6. Unriped bananas can already be eaten if you put it near a fire for a few minutes

7. Detergent bar can never ever replace shampoo for your hair

8. Tia Dely actually gives good advice

9. Differences in language can only be a barrier in communication if you let it be

10. Life can be as simple as waking up, eat, take a bath, till the fields, eat, listen to radio dramas, till the field, eat, share stories, sleep.

11. When the possibility of death is in front of you, your life does not really rush before your eyes, instead youre thinking why your damn legs cannot run as fast you need them to

12. The best places in the country has never been discovered by tourism yet

13. Its heaven paddling a boat at night between limestone cliffs with only the moon and the stars lighting your path

14. It takes courage to learn

15. It takes greater courage to live what you have learned.


One Response to “mountain learnings”

  1. what made you come back?

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