di tiyak

when i was in elementary we were taught the different genders in Filipino. its basically similar to the english terms, there is the lalake for masculine, babae for feminine, and walang kasarian for neutral or does not have any gender. but interestingly we filipinos have one more gender classification that the english language does not seem to have. the di-tiyak or translated roughly, the uncertainty of gender.

what makes it interesting is that we created a seperate and exclusive category for it unlike in the english language where it is just a half-way house, a sort of purgatory for unclassified objects/beings that would soon be categorized to any of the 3 classifications.

for us, the di-tiyak is a destination in itself. an object/being that has been classified under it is not expected to be classified into another category after a much needed scrutiny of its real gender identity.  

what my point is (gee i have a point?) in filipino uncertainty is accepted as a state of permanence. there is no need nor pressure to be certain, to be definite. for us, it just is. no forcing to fit the shapes into the holes. no pressure to be remolded into the exact. 

for us, its somehow okay to be a di-tiyak. unsure, gender-wise or life in general. uncertain. floating. free.

p.s. parang itong post na ito, what the hell is it trying to say? ay teka di pala uncertain ito, but sabog, sabog ka post! bumubulwak ang mga kataga at nawawalang saysay ang mga salita dulot ng kawalan ng sukat at kaisahan ng kaisipan (ooopss did i just contradicted myself there?) 


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