i love cemeteries

i love being surrounded by dead people under newly mowned grass

some may find it a bit eccentric

but sometimes i would go to the nearest cemetery, sit in one of the benches, and let the silence of the rotting envelop my senses

its soothing, its relaxing, its comforting

its soothing to be surrounded by people who are so satisfied with their being that no complaints pass through their parched lips

its relaxing to breathe in the vibrancy of nature, the energy of the breeze rustling the trees, and the contentment of the deceased in the cool moist earth

its comforting to be assured that we all get the rest that we have been promised, that amidst the teeth gnashing, goal oriented fast -paced life in which every thing is a rush, a meeting of deadlines and self-imposed time tables, the world would eventually catch up with us and kill us. granting us the peace and serenity that we have been running from all through our life.

cemeteries are reminders that yes, despite the stressful wantings and emotional wounds and missed punches, we would be able to let go and just be.


2 Responses to “cemeteries”

  1. i find it weird that someone like you would find peace in such a morbid place. but then again im just like you are. i find peace and quiet even if im not the one who resides there…i love cemeteries..i find it morbidly fun to hang out in silence

  2. whahhaha tama!!!

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